You gotta Laugh, Laugh, Laugh come on right to the left!

video credits: GOT7 Japan Official YouTube Channel@YT

again… promoting so much within a short time frame, they are being milked in a sense, but it’s how you get your popularity and make money as this is their job/career and what not. anyways, the song is actually really nice, the pronunciation, yeah… well it’s improvement with each track and such. the outfits aren’t as bad, but still not feeling it honestly. but i really like the choreography though. still laughing at the whole lambo thing. XD also, still noticing and hearing a lot of English used in their Japanese tracks though. so not sure if it’s just easier for them to do like so, but whatever works out for them. oh, and i’m not really feeling the b-side of BE MY GIRL at all though like O.M.G. still say SO LUCKY is my favorite b-side.


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