[MV] 보이프렌드(BOYFRIEND) – Star


the aesthetics in this music video man… i love it. their vocals, their grown up looks…. i cried while watching. it’s jsut so good to hear and see them again. i can’t wait for the live stages and promotions this time around. really hoping for a lot of love coming their way. it’s been a long six years… but hey, they’re still here and around. and that i’m still happy about. wishing you all the best BOYFRIEND!!

[Preview] 보이프렌드(BOYFRIEND)_5th Mini Album ‘NEVER END’


the mini-album sounds good so far and loving the fact that Jeongmin, Minwoo, and Kwangmin helped with a few of the tracks! also with fellow labelmate, Jooheon of MX also helped with two of the tracks. i jsut know STAR for sure. i’m curious if they’ll promote STAR or NEVER END. STAR has a music video, but the album is called NEVER END and they also have a track by the same name. i guess i gotta wait… or maybe they’ll perform both for their comeback stages!! anyways, enjoyed the preview for now!!

[Teaser] 보이프렌드(BOYFRIEND) – Star


okay, i’m a failing BESTFRIEND, but better late than never right? lol i haven’t updated about BOYFRIEND in like forever… and now i’m in. hopefully. lol just as MONSTA X needs love, so does BOYFRIEND. they’re finally back in SK after like a two year break. sure they released a song back in 2016 in respect for their anniversary, but that was it. no promos or anything. now they’re back and i’m anticipating it! Star sounds amazing so far and i’m looking forward to the music video as well as the choreography. the boys have grown since then and did a lot of activities in Japan, but i’m glad they’re finally having a comeback in their own homeland. hope other BESTFRIENDs will be by their side and that other fans would enjoy them too. ^^

[120825] Boyfriend’s Be My Shine @ Happy Music~

Be My Shine PERF

video credits: bestfriendvnsub01@youtube

wow… didn’t know they went off to japan to promote. :O
well, the song is pretty catchy, fits the concept that they had since they debuted.
love that the rap was in japanese with a mix of english and not just full korean! ❤
that right there is love.
i think, only Donghyun is pretty fluent in japanese… not sure.
but oh well, i like it, they don't sound so bad in the language.
hope to hear more in the future~