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[170321] ROMEO’s WITHOUT U @ The Show~

credits: twinkle110825@YT

i’ve been waiting for this like this morning. lol i just wish there was an official channel, but i would like to thank twinkle110825 for uploading and sharing the performance for fans like us who can watch it. also loving their outfits and happy to know they have quite a variety so far. i’m just really hoping to see them perform in that pinkish and black/grey suit outfits soon though~ but they might not, but i hope they do. haha can’t wait for the other stages this week!!

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[151201] ROMEO on After School Club~


this is their first appearance on the show during their TARGET promo. i don’t really watch this as i felt like it changed and isn’t as interesting as it used to be. but anything to watch groups to shine and such and have more exposure. i hope ROMEO can make another appearance on the show even though Eric left. but still, hope the boys do some other appearances and such while promoting WITHOUT U. as for now, enjoying this episode to learn of the members and seeing them dance. haha and their cute little English here and there. haha it’s just… the MCs always talk so much with their side talk, so i think that’s why i’m mainly turned off by the show.

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ROMEO’s WITHOUT U Jacket Behind~

credits: ROMEO – 로미오@YT

basically just footage of their photos for their photobook i believe. i haven’t bought the album yet as i’m waiting for my friend who’s in Seoul to purchase it for me so that she’ll be able to get them sign during their fansign meetings and such. hehe anyways, i feel so bad for them when they have to take photos during the cold!! them fluffy jackets though… can tell how freaking cold it is. lol other than that, they are quite adorable and they look soo good posing for them photos. then there was Kyle who they showed a bit when he slept. poor baby~ but i kept laughing with Seunghwan’s and the clock. 😄 poor baby~ i would be scared too if it fell on me while posing for the shoot. it did fall and they did capture a moment of his reaction. lol other than that, they look good and i can’t wait to see the photos when i get my albums!!!

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[ENG SUB] 160624 ROMEO (로미오) – ‘3rd Mini-Album Showcase’ in Naver V-App

credits: sweetjuliet8@YT

i’ve never seen any of their showcase, so i’m not sure if this is their first one or not. hopefully they have more from their previous two promos and will have one for their recent one as well. then again, i don’t have the V app anymore, but i may re-download it for ROMEO. 😄 also love Kyle’s shirt, and Minsung’s bright blonde hair! he looks good. ^^

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170319 ‘Yunsung’s Birthday Party💕’ in Naver V App

credits: StarSpirit@YT

happy belated birthday, Yunsung, by a day!!! and so lucky the fans/people there to celebrate it with him and the members. not sure what song he sang, but his vocals are loved, just sucked that the mic went out in the middle of his singing, but luckily Seunghwan saved the day!!! haha and Milo and Kyle being adorable with the cake, but at least they tried~ and it got lit later on anyways. xD birthdays are nice when celebrated with others close to you and what not even though it’s just a regular day, at least celebrating that you live another year and such is nice still. ^^