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  1. Sabaidee admin, dedicated reader on your blog here~ Just stopping by and would like a personal opinion on a topic. So you may already know this, that RS labelmates Thank You & Jack Jarupong (JackBlack) have been dating for quite some time. There is a 10 year age gap between the two and I’m just wondering what your thought on this may be. Here in the states we both know that she is still under age until she is 18. I don’t know much about how dating is from the fellow Thai citizen’s viewpoints and since you’re older and wiser, you might have more a insightful opinion on what they think, haha. I’m only a month (or two?) older than her and from my perspective, they say age doesn’t matter, but I couldn’t bring myself to date someone 10 years older when I’m still a minor. Especially my parents would highly disapprove. At least I wouldn’t until I’m past like 20. As much as I adore my older Korean idols especially, I don’t think I’d legitimately date someone their age. & Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Jack treats her well and they are going along pretty well too, and that’s what matters. But would that rake up such criticism? You can just reply back or make a separate post if it interests you. Take your time and thank you ^^

    1. Btw, sorry if I posted in the wrong spot. I’m on mobile and I don’t know if there is a question forum I can access.

    2. Hello there! Actually from a Thai’s perspective, I honestly don’t know. I didn’t even know they were dating? Would you mind sharing your sources? Anyways, I’m like you. I can’t imagine the age difference myself if I was a minor. I hope it’s going well and what not, but not really sure. As long as they have a good relationship I think it’s okay? Not really sure. I find it weird actually. lol but um, for me personally, I say it’s not right because she’s still under 18. But after 19, I say you’re free to do whatever, but sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with and at what age either.

      1. you’re welcome and thanks for the insta links! i don’t usually follow celebrities in some sense. lol anyways, looking at the photos, they seem quite close and i don’t blame them since they are under the same big label company too. also Thai people usually do “open yet not clarifying if they are together together” kind of situations. lol not sure if that makes sense. so if they are dating, it’s just speculated until they confirm. but usually when they do confirm, they end up breaking up for some reason. it’s weird though. don’t know why

  2. Hey, I have a small question, i’m searching for this thai band i can’t seem to remember them. However I do remember that there were 3 of them 2 guys and a girl, and one of the guys was dark skinned and the other two were light skinned. I remember their music video sort of, one of them was like a zombie one, another one was vampires, and another they were like dancing on top of some statue. I hope you can help me out.

    1. hey there! i absolutely know who you’re referring to!! the trio is called Bazoo~ good thing you mentioned the statue one, as that one is my absolutely favorite song!! also… the skinned tone color helped as well~ but i also wanna say the make of the group as well since not many are mixed gendered groups. lol anyways~ hopefully this link that i’ve done will help you out more~ =] sorry that i can’t really give you a link for more information of the group though. i just know that Joey, the dark skinned member, is doing acting and is more active than the other two~ the other two members are Debbie and Gumpan [i think that’s his name, forgot ^^”] good luck!

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