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[170324] ROMEO’s WITHOUT U @ Music Bank~

credits: KBSKpop@YT

so they don’t have a MCD this week… or i haven’t found it yet from another user, but whatever. at least they have one for MUSIC BANK!! even though they got cut by several seconds, it’s still a good performance and a majority of the song. the camera work was different this time, and it was interesting to see it from up top, so that was fun. still happy to know they got another set of outfits, but please let them perform in those suits one!! i’m really curious to see those for some odd reason. xD

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170319 ROMEO WITHOUT U PokemonGo Event by PandoraTV

credits: yt431213@YT

i remember seeing a longer video with the pokemon go app attached to it, but i’m sharing the performance instead by the this lovely user who was able to just get this part. lol but i mean that must have been cool to play pokemon go as you’re hanging out with ROMEO, yeah? absolutely have no idea what or why, but either way, it’s some activity and a fun one at that. wondered if there was a special event in the game as well.

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[FANCAM] 170123 PROLOGUE of ROMEO and JULIET ~ Your Voice, LOVESICK, Smile, DNA, Back 2 U, HELLO ~

credits: RomeoHK 로미오의 놀이터@YT

so they had another fanmeeting day (or a LIVE one, i can’t tell, lol) in Japan and so lucky!! i wanna attend. lol anyways, this user had more videos of the fanmeeting, but i’m just sharing the performance ones instead… just because i want to and i’m just like that. lol also a majority of the performances videos are short, but it’s still something to watch though. i didn’t put this in the title, but i also included the videos of Yunsung’s covering Jung Seunghwan’s The Fool, Hyunkyung’s covering Kwak Jineon’s Support, and Kyle’s covering Ozaki Yutaka’s I Love You. i’m just glad to know they have fans in Japan and you can hear some of them screaming really loudly. hehe so good to know!! ahhh… jealous still. XD hopefully one day ROMEO will come out to the US and have a tour or a performance or something. would definitely go and attend that for sure!! or better yet, i find a way to Seoul when they’re promoting and i can see them then. haha one way or another, hopefully one day!!

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credits: jsfumizuki@YT

so ROMEO has a Japanese version of Nightmare and they performed it for fans during their PROLOGUE of ROMEO and JULIET fanmeeting in Japan. and so lucky!! their Japanese sounds pretty good as they perform it live and it doesn’t sound choppy or weird like most Koreans when they sing in Japanese or a Japanese version of their song. the rap maybe, but it wasn’t that bad. well to me it’s not. lol other than that, lucky J-Juliets who got to hear and see them perform this!! i’m not one for different versions of their Korean songs, but if it can be pulled off then i don’t mind or it doesn’t sound too weird like i’ve heard most Japanese versions of Korean songs. hopefully ROMEO will be popular in Japan as well and hope they do more overseas promotions. also need to find more clips during this fanmeeting as no one really has a full video, just clips here and there, but it’s all of So Into You, so i dunno. lol

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[170322] ROMEO’s WITHOUT U @ Show Champion

credits:ALL THE K-POP@YT

glad to see them in another set of outfits, and i felt like the cameras were more focused on Kyle this time around. XD also loved his and Milo’s interaction moment this stage as well. also love hearing those screams and fanchants!! but their performance was cut by several seconds as they didn’t get to perform the rest of their ending performance. D; but at least they still performed though so that is all that matters~ hehe