About Me

Hello to whomever is reading this. Um, you can just call me Ky and well, I’m just a girl that loves a variety of music and dramas/movies and is still watching cartoons in my twenties. xD Uh, I started up on wordpress just because it would be another place for me to explore about and blog about stuff that I enjoyed and wanted to share, like I’ve done on other sites such as livejournal and tumblr. but i don’t really use my livejournal as much except for updates, and as for tumblr, i just reblog a lot of things that i like. So my wordpress is just all of that in a way combined among other things. Hopefully this will be a good experience for me and that I hope to stay with this thing for a long while and not get bored with it. Anyways, if you have any questions or comments, just drop them in the comment section. C: Thanks for dropping by! Oh yeah, if there’s anything that is misinformed on my blog or something is not working, please do drop a comment so that I may know about it and fix it. Thank you~!



  1. Hiya! ^^
    I don’t know if you remember me but I used to be the writer for unsungbyul!
    I have started a new blog after nearly 2 years and I remembered you! 🙂
    Hope you have been well!

    1. Hello Jasmine! I do remember you! and whoo, yay a new blog! hehe thanks for remembering me and yes i’ve been well, hope you have too and glad to know you are still alive and kicking after a while. lol =]

      1. Yay I’m glad you do remember me! 🙂 of course I remember don’t you worry! I’m glad to hear you are well, I’m well and have been busy!

      2. most definitely! unsunbyul was like the other blog to go for the underrateds. lol and you were pretty active there too. haha.and yup i am and glad you are too. being busy is like part of life as always too. hehe still though hope you will still get around to the things you enjoy while being busy~ =]

      3. Yeah I was quite happy with unsungbyul! It even got noticed by a couple of the artists I had written about on it! Yeah I quite like being busy but it doesn’t give me all that much time to blog or that but I’ll try and do as much as I can!

      4. hehe hopefully unsungbyul will have a comeback. =] and oh wow, really? that’s super amazing to know that a couple of artists knew about it! and haha yeah, very true. being busy doesn’t give you much time for things, and well do it when you can! that always counts! =]

      5. I’m not sure if I can make unsungbyul have a comeback :p I did enjoy it a lot but as I don’t focus so much on following korean music much these days, so I think a more general interest blog will be a bit more easier to run for myself 🙂 but yeah! It was really great, one artist actually emailed me and spoke to me for a while. I will definitely do so don’t worry 🙂

      6. aww, i see and very understandable. i will admit that i don’t follow it that much either. lol and a general interest will work out much better for you and you can do whatever you want as well. and hehe, super cool! add something into your “celebrity” met thingy kind of moment. lol i know i have quite a few. XD and whooo! awesome. take care!!

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