the saddest post i come to update my blog after some time…


i’m sure everyone (well those into K-Pop and such) has heard and read the news about SHINee’s Jonghyun’s death. it’s been a while since i’ve last updated anything about SHINee, but i’m sad that my update about them is this one. whatever i’m sharing is what i’ve written in my other sns accounts so yeah. i still can’t believe it and think it’s a really cruel joke… but it’s not. so instead of remembering Jonghyun’s death, i will remember the smiles he shown, the laughs he had, the music he created, and all the other things he did with his members and fans and anything else of him. that i will keep alive instead of remembering his death.


This news seriously broke my heart and I’m still shock about it. I really have no words to express exactly what I’m feeling, but despite not ever meeting or really knowing Jonghyun, it still affected me a lot. I’ve seen him grown over these years and accomplished so much, but somehow it still led down to this path. I will miss you and your heavenly vocals so much. At least I was able to see you perform with the other four twice in my life and that I will cherish deeply. Jonghyun, shine bright among the brightest star like your smile I have always found captivating and appealing. May your soul rest in peace. You deserve it as you’ve worked hard and done well. My condolences to your family, friends, and the fans all around the world.

“A star that shined brightly on stage for 10 years, now a star of the skies.” May the darkness vanish from your side and let the light shine with you from now on and forevermore.


You’ve done well. You’ve worked hard. You always did. I’ll miss you.


Anything for you, Jjong. I hope these reach you and to let you know you were never alone and that we’re always going to be there for you.


and here i will end this post with their iconic song, Replay, and one of the best performances of it where Jonghyun is seen crying the most near the end, but it’s his vocals breaking while singing and wavering that makes it that much more emotional and has an impact on you as the fans and the other members are singing along as well.

credits: SHINee World IV@YT


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