[FANCAM] 170129 GOT7 ~ Turbulence in LA Fanmeet

oh wow… the first concert/fanmeet i went to earlier this year. i forgot all about it until i went through my youtube channel and saw these videos like how i saw all of my kcon ones. wow… uploading videos just to clear the space on my laptop. anyways, this fanmeeting was really good! they performed songs off of their turbulence album, and i wish they did some of the other songs, but oh well. anyways… my sister and i did a freaking one day trip for this. we left early that Sunday and after the concert, we left back to Arizona… yeah, never doing that again. haha but anyways, i wasn’t planning on going until my sister bought hers and then found one for me. lol she’s so dedicated. but then again, she can’t go alone to any of these and so here i’m am her concert buddy. lol but yeah, enjoy!! and i just recorded mainly their performance stages. i don’t really care for filming when they interact with fans though. i mean it’s cute, but i don’t want a video of it. lol even if it’s me, but my sister would. lol so yeah, enjoy~


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