[FANACCOUNT] 170723 MONSTA X Beautiful in LA Day 1

hi guys! gonna try to do one for Day one and i hope i don’t mix anything up with Day two. lol but i’ll do my best as it’s been two-three days now… so yeah~ will share all the fancams when uploaded. from me and my sister. hehe since she records almost all of the show and what not.

so my sister and i were p4 and up on the second level, but they were still super great seats and can still clearly see them. section 204 or something and row EE. we did wait in line and got to the venue around close to seven o’clock. we did wait but walked a bit by bit as they let us all in the venue. once inside, we just went to our seats at the Novo.

despite having seats, we still all stood up for the stages and talking ment. lol and only sat during the VCR and what not. but um, the songs set were still the same, but it was the talking ment that were different even tough the same subject or whatever. Wonho kept pretending to be a “English translator” and it was entertaining for sure, until I.M called him out to speak in English later. XD also Jooheon was doing “let’s calm down” lyrics from their song, Calm Down, to quiet the crowd. it worked and quite cute.

honestly, talking ments they were super playful and had lots of jokes. the best part was that Hyungwon returned even if for the last two days, he still participated in the US tour. he got a great welcomed and lots of screams and it was also amazing to see him perform From 0 with Wonho, and also mentioned that when he sang that Wonho was making faces at him and he tried to hold in his laughter while singing. xD

um, they definitely showed a lot of love to second floor. they showed a lot of love regardless. lol I.M also sang Nothin’ On You during one of the ments as he didn’t want to do aegyo. XD it’s so funny to see them do it, but i rather not see it. lol also Jooheon had to again mentioned to give it up for Wonho’s muscles. like Jooheon, c’mon. at least Hyungwon tried to take off Jooheon’s jacket to show his muscles,  but Jooheon stopped him. XD another part was Wonho faked taking off his shirt, but Hyungwon sneakily lifted up Wonho’s shirt. haha they all were really playful.

stages of course were amazing. all the sub units killed it. would love to see Wonho wearing a shirt or something as his abs aren’t needed to see. lol also would a studio version of From 0, but read somewhere that the company doesn’t want him to reveal it or something. D; luckily, Hyungwon mentioned that Wonho made the song. would also love a studio version of Mirro with Kihyun and Jooheon as Jooheon’s rap is killer and although i don’t know Korean, Jooheon was able to convey that. I.M, Shownu, an Minhyuk are also cool with their stage and do quite well and loving their dance break through it all.

um… saying their goodbyes, they try to speak in English and Minhyuk and Wonho totally forgot to do the bows before going up on the second floor to bow again, and were playfully tapping each others butts. XD and then finally snapped out of their playing when I.M yelled. XD despite the others going “hey” “what are you doing” and such. XD so much fun over here. also Jooheon was the last one to leave the stage as from the past i see Wonho usually doing it. Jooheon threw a lot of heart at the end XD also Minhyuk was shaking his booty while the other six were faking going own the stage and then Minhyuk finally realized and caught up. haha

but seriously, seeing Hyungwon performing with them and hearing his vocals, totally made the experience that much more precious because seeing them as seven was complete. he didn’t really do much, but that’s just how he is, is what i feel. he had a lot of smiles and waved at such. he also stands like he’s about to do lunges. haha but maybe that’s just me. XD

sadly there was no ocean encore or holding of banners. it was sad. it was their last leg, but no ocean. i really love those and thought it would have been a great finish to their US tour. oh well. luckily us cheering for them gave them energy to pull it off successfully. sorry if this fanaccount isn’t as helpful or anything, but i’m not at home where my computer is uploading the fancams as i’m at my bro’s house and writing this fanaccount in the meantime. but i thought it could give those a chance to see how it was. because i know not a lot could see the boys in concert and get that feeling, so just being a fellow MONBEBE to others around. but yeah, that’s it for Day one. it was definitely lit and had a grip of energy. also my sister found me in their concert group photo because i was wearing red. XD


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