[FANACCOUNT] 170719 ~ Beautiful in Dallas

i’m still working on uploading my videos so those should be up later~ lol but other than that, here is my fan account of my experience in the Dallas show for MONSTA X. honestly though, this trip wasn’t planned and was last minute as my sister bought tickets from her friend who was unable to attend, and my sister bought it because it had the perk of Hi Touch, so yeah… my sister and i flew to Dallas for not even a day as we got to TX around 3-4pm and then attended the concert later that night, and then returned home the next day at around 6am… so yeah… not even a full day in Texas for this MONSTA X ~ Beautiful in Dallas show. xD so again, this will be somewhat of a summary in a sense or whatever of my account for the concert day. =]

so, my sister, my cousins, and i arrived at the Verizon Theatre at like close to 7pm because it was all seating and so no point in lining ahead and what not. we entered the venue fairly easily as my sister noticed another line heading inside that wasn’t backed up like the other line to which i believe everyone was at. so we went inside, through security, and then my sister and i went to get our hi-touch wristbands which were pink and had numbers on them. the P1 holders had orange wristbands instead unlike the one in Chicago which was black and gold and said VIP. lol

after that, we didn’t really have to wait to enter the seating area unlike Chicago, and found our seats. my cousins were P3s and were up more, but luckily we took a picture in front of the screen that stated their tour and location before returning to our seats again. honestly, this one also went just as smooth and easy like the Chicago. maybe it was because it was sitting and not standing to which i’m used to.

so anyways, i was in section 104 row n and honestly, it wasn’t bad seats at all. can definitely see the boys pretty well, just a bit off to the side since we were on the left hand side and so it was a new experience as my sister and i usually sit on the right hand side. anyways, the song playlist set is the same way as it was in Chicago, but it was the talking ment that was still the same in a sense, but it was still different. the boys were more playful and seemed super relax.

Wonho was making jokes here and there and even teasing the other members. Like during the ment when they’re in their pastel green outfits, Wonho was making faces with I.M and Minhyuk joining in later while Jooheon and Kihyun were trying to talk and eventually Kihyun caught on. XD another one was Wonho trying to pour water onto I.M, but didn’t as the fans said something at first, and he attempted to do it again a few times with Shownu and Kihyun just watching and not saying anything, but I.M caught on and slightly elbowed him. haha

another one was I.M singing guys~! singing! B.o.B’s Nothin’ On You… because he called the Dallas crowd “beautiful” and then sang the song… and i missed out on filming it as i wasn’t expecting it. D; but luckily my sister did and it was amazing and then Kihyun joining in near the end of it. lol same with Shownu disappearing off for some reason because Wonho told him to leave so that he can have his “Wonho Day” with the fans. XD and then later the other members showing up with Wonho and I.M telling us to look behind us because that’s where Shownu was, but he wasn’t and I.M is like “i’m kidding” haha. seriously, these boys had so much jokes this Dallas show.

oh and Jooheon saying “let’s get lit Dallas” and i was like… what? and then he said it again and i’m like oh okay. haha sorry if this is like out of place, but i’m doing a lot from memory as i still haven’t slept yet because i’ baby sitting my niece. T^T but yeah, anyways, back to the concert…. Minhyuk was being cute with his “oh my god” as he was imitating the Dallas fans. xD another one was him and I.M showing off their “aegyo” and they didn’t want to. lol but eventually did of course.

performances of course was amazing as ever and they did a good job. my sister and i also got chocolate aimed at us, but lucky we didn’t get hit by any of it… three times though. lol Shownu was one for sure, i don’t remember the other two. xD um… I.M was being a dork during the White Love performance. Kihyun’s vocals on point like always. the dance on point. everything was on point. even the boys noticing that fans were crowding around the stage when a lot of the others moved from their original seats and up closer. and asking them nicely to back up and returning to their seats too. i really loved that they had acknowledged that.

um… they also mentioned about Hyungwon and it’s gets sad each time, but then we just have to continue on. hopefully for the Europe concert, he’ll be attending it. because i don’t think he’ll come for the rest of the US tour. and then finding out they have a korean summer song coming out and a 2nd japanese single. they are surely going to be super busy this year and i hope a lot of things come for them and they get some rest in between and what not. anyways… near the end I.M asking the question of “who is our 8th monsta x member” and of course it’s monbebe. haha

as for the Hi Touch, it went by quickly. Minhyuk was first, then I.M, Wonho, Jooheon, Shownu, and Kihyun was last once again. there was a little boy two places in front of my sister and i was behind her and Minhyuk was like “hi little baby boy” or something like that. my sister didn’t pay any attention to that as she enjoyed herself and then i did my self and i made eye contact with everyone and their hands are soft this time around, but i like it. lol and i did it fast because it seemed like the staff was rushing us, but the girl in front of my sister was moving slow and i kept running into my sister because of that. other than that, it’s really surreal how they are and doing all of this.

hm… trying to remember anything else… oh yeah the ending after they did Last Page, Wonho was being a butt by pushing I.M and Kihyun almost down the stage and then Shownu comes over and pushes Wonho scaring him and then running away like a kid. XD and Wonho goes back to pushing I.M and Kihyun and Kihyun just like whatever and goes down the stairs, while I.M is like… nah. so he and Wonho do this fighting kicking battle of sort that really goes no where as they kick air and just creates entertainment for all of us. Minhyuk and Jooheon had no idea… from what i could see from my perspective. and then Wonho is the last one to go down the stairs and then he pops back up playfully to say one last goodbye before going.

anyways, that’s my fan account. it’s probably not the best, but i hope you enjoyed reading it. lol really wish every monbebe could enjoy it and such. there was one other disappointment other than the fans pushing one another to get closer to the stage, was the banner not being held up during Fighter. it was passed out but not many held it up. so not sure if there was a project talk about it. the ocean itself was successful so that made up for it i guess. other than that, it was another great concert night and the boys had a lot of energy and were like i mentioned before, more playful and open and such dorks all over the place. i wish them the best for their new three concert dates. i’ll be attending their Los Angeles shows for both days, so of course expect fancams and fanaccounts for both of them if i can remember too. haha

videos will be posted in another post because this is long as well. lol


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