[FANCAM/FANACCOUNT] 170712 MONSTA X ~ The First World Tour ~ Beautiful in Chicago

hey! i’m back! been busy and such and away from a desktop so don’t update as i used to. plus i hate writing on mobile so it’s not worth it. haha but these past few days i went to Chicago for MONSTA X’s first stop on their world tour. i won’t write a full account but like a summary of it or something like that.

my sister and i arrived at Rosemont Theatre around 6:30ish as we were staying at the Edward Hotel and because it was all seating, there was no rush. lol and we didn’t need to buy any merchandises either. anyways, the waiting wasn’t that long and we started moving slowly. there was no issues from what we experience about finding a certain line or things with the perks and what not. we all just moved on until we got into the venue and we were left to find where we needed to go.

we showed our tickets and got our wristbands as we were P1s and had black and gold wristbands signaling VIP status for the photo op and hi touch and then just waited outside the doors to enter for the show itself. not that long of a wait, as i believed the doors open around 7:30 something as the show itself started at 8, but wouldn’t actually start until 20 minutes later or something because i don’t remember.

anyways, while waiting and getting situated they just played the boys’ songs. everything was calm and not as chaotic. it might be because this was our first seating at a concert especially for the pit and p1 sections and what not. haha, and oh, they also handed out these colored small bag to cover the light sticks to make the ocean during the encore. we were the pink part of the section.

soon enough, the concert started and honestly, they were amazing and look way better in person and sound way better in person. and we practically stood up from beginning to end and just sat during the VTRs parts. it was just sad about Hyungwon not being there, but the boys made sure not to forgot about mentioning him and such.

other than that, there were a lot of moments and you just had to be there to experience it. i didn’t record any of the VTRs and as for the talking ments, i didn’t really record any of that either, but the boys really did try their best to speak English with us and just crack jokes here and there. plus Kihyun was dabbing, Jooheon made sure to make emphasis on Wonho’s muscles since the crowd were screaming every time he took off his jacket. xD

um, some other things were Shownu being the sweetest, but like awkward cutie that he normally is. Wonho is the biggest dork…. since he was eating a piece of chocolate during BaekSeolTang and i knew he was going to eat one since we all know how much he likes to eat and snack when given the chance. oh and in their first talking ment after performing Hero, he was tying his shoes. for some reason, it was just adorable and cute seeing him tying his shoes. xD lol Minhyuk… true mood maker and playful puppy that he is and also said things like “I’m Stupid. I’m sorry.” when he joked about the song being the last song and that he had to go home while I.M told him that he can go home and they would continue the concert without him. XD and also that Minhyuk’s favorite word is “Gorgeous” lol

Kihyun… was just the little shiet he is, but such a cutie for sure. hahaha Dabbing here, doing that other dance that i don’t know the name of there. and of course his VOCALS always on point. well, all of them on point. you just have to be there to really experience them live vocals man. moving on… Jooheon. charisma. cutie. all pack into one like always and just how much he oozes it out so easily and naturally. plus there was that part he said “Make some noise for his muscles” twice. the first was playful and funny. the second one was a bit annoyed as he seemed salty. XD and then later you can see the next performance they do he tries to show off his muscles, which he has, but i was like “what you doing”? haha

um, as for I.M, loved his voice and hearing him speak English. it was cute and endearing. there was one part in the beginning of their talking ment he was explaining about Hyungwon’s absent and he got so flustered and tongue tied he just went with “whatever, yeah”. haha and then he lost his wallet while walking alongside the river and i hope he was able to find it later on though. another thing was that another part of the talking ment was he did cap his water bottle, but not fully, and he shook it about and water spilled. lol he was like “what? how? why?” expression. XD

as for the performances, they executed well without their fellow member. they also had a seventh stand during Ex Girl and left an opened spot for Broken Heart, and even during the end when they were saying goodbye, Kihyun and Shownu wrapped an arm around an invisible person where Hyungwon would have stand and what not. it was really sweet and endearing. oh and during Shine Forever, Wonho had a little mishap as he lost his footing and fell, and then was okay performing Be Quiet, but later walked off stage during the talking ment and walked back on limping a bit, but then he may have seem okay since there was no other mentioning about it and he didn’t look like he was wincing in pain or anything. and even though the music tempos were kind of all over the place with faster jams here, slower jams there, and mid-tempos here, it was still amazing and great overall and just seemed to work for them. ahah i’m not complaining. xD

as for their unit stages, it was sad to see Wonho performing From 0 without Hyungwon, but he did really well. i was not phase by his abs, but it was okay. lol they had another backup dancer to cover Hyungwon’s part so that he would be able to do the routine better. Shownu, Minhyuk, and I.M doing 24K Magic was amazing dude. they looked amazing in Tommy Hilfiger clothing and sounded great peforming. 2Chain, Kihyun and Jooheon’s unit, total feels because it was just that climax feeling of feelings and such. Jooheon’s Korean rap with so much hits in it and Kihyun’s voice accompanying that same hard hitting feeling. their sub unit stages was different to see a side of them and to show case us the charms and flavors that they have for us.

let’s see. my sister and i had to dodge some chocolate thrown at us by Shownu and Jooheon, but no damage done. lol and Blind is a song they have never before perform, and they wanted to perform for us here in Chicago and i hope they do so for the other cities, too! but um, what else… oh yeah, the ocean encore. they were amazed by it and Wonho mentions it as they had no clue about it. it was really a lovely sight as MONSTA X does so much for us, so us MONBEBE wanna return that love right back at them. and i really hope the rest of the encore oceans are successful in the other cities!! we kept it on after they before their last stage with Fighter before the encore stages. was worth it and beautiful. and oh they also wanted to cherish this moment with the memory of taking a photo. they did it twice. lol not sure if my sister and i are in it, but whatever. the moment was nice to just be there.

now the perks, it was organized and not as confusing and chaotic like how i experienced when doing a hi touch and what not. i’ve never done a photo op, just a hi touch. but yeah, they did hi touch first so that it would get a majority of the people out of the way. it went by too fast, but it was still great. it was I.M, Wonho, Jooheon, Shownu, Minhyuk, and Kihyun. i have to admit, i don’t remember Jooheon or Shownu because Wonho is my bias and i had my moment with him. lol and then when i glanced to the rest, i saw how Minhyuk was looking waiting for the next person and yeah. xD but i will say that they have such warm hands and i really liked the feeling of it. plus hi-fiving them was just amazing and went really smoothly. i said “gompaseumnida” to them and hi-five them, but had a moment with Wonho and Kihyun where they did a little “grip” with them. lol

photo op, was okay, but a terrible way of doing it honestly. they lumped 21 fans along with the 7 idols, and dude… they looked so squished and i felt it was just unnecessary for them to do it like that. the boys looked worried, but they didn’t seem like they knew what was going and such since seeing so many of us come along. i wasn’t really near them, but close enough to Jooheon and Minhyuk, but shall see when the photos are released. other than that, i just wished they didn’t 21 fans with them, since it was uncomfortable and not fair for us paying fans and the boys since they enjoy every moment with their fans.

but yeah, that’s the experience and it didn’t seem like a summary, but it is in a sense since i don’t recall some things as you just have to be there and again you only remember so much from the experience if it wasn’t recorded. haha but memories also get altered a bit, but the feelings and emotions from them don’t change. we were hyped, grooving, and just so energize throughout it all. and the boys were amazed by our energy and didn’t expect such a response and that much love and they were just wowed and loved it. even though my arms were getting tired from holding up my phone to record and the MonBong (what i call their lightstick) with the other, but i can’t just bring them down. if they could perform for like 2 hours and so, then i could hold them up for that long as well and keep up with the support and love for them.

Chicago was an amazing first stop show and i really hope all goes well for the others!! really wanna see MONSTA X come back with another world tour and this time around with Hyungwon joining them and showing them the love and support 3948023984902384x more. hahaha and hopefully it continues on smoothly. 😀 but anyways, now the videos and i apologize for any of the sounds, blurriness, slight movements here and there, or me singing along and what not. xD that’s why it’s called a fancam. haha but i usually do pretty good in filming and holding it steady. ^^v




Ex Girl

White Love

Ready or Not


From 0 (Wonho minus Hyungwon stage)

24K Magic (ShowMin.M stage)

Mirror (2Chain, KiHeon stage)


I’ll Be There


Shine Forever

Be Quiet

Broken Heart


All In




No Exit

5:14 (Last Page)

and little bonus of the ocean. sorry if this post was hella long, but might as well share it all with fellow MONBEBEs and others who wanna see how it was like while it’s still recently fresh in my head. xD or something along those lines. haha ^^v

Encore Ocean


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