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[FANCAM] 170123 PROLOGUE of ROMEO and JULIET ~ Your Voice, LOVESICK, Smile, DNA, Back 2 U, HELLO ~

credits: RomeoHK 로미오의 놀이터@YT

so they had another fanmeeting day (or a LIVE one, i can’t tell, lol) in Japan and so lucky!! i wanna attend. lol anyways, this user had more videos of the fanmeeting, but i’m just sharing the performance ones instead… just because i want to and i’m just like that. lol also a majority of the performances videos are short, but it’s still something to watch though. i didn’t put this in the title, but i also included the videos of Yunsung’s covering Jung Seunghwan’s The Fool, Hyunkyung’s covering Kwak Jineon’s Support, and Kyle’s covering Ozaki Yutaka’s I Love You. i’m just glad to know they have fans in Japan and you can hear some of them screaming really loudly. hehe so good to know!! ahhh… jealous still. 😄 hopefully one day ROMEO will come out to the US and have a tour or a performance or something. would definitely go and attend that for sure!! or better yet, i find a way to Seoul when they’re promoting and i can see them then. haha one way or another, hopefully one day!!


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