[FANCAM] 170123 PROLOGUE of ROMEO and JULIET ~ Your Voice, LOVESICK, Smile, DNA, Back 2 U, HELLO ~

credits: RomeoHK 로미오의 놀이터@YT

so they had another fanmeeting day (or a LIVE one, i can’t tell, lol) in Japan and so lucky!! i wanna attend. lol anyways, this user had more videos of the fanmeeting, but i’m just sharing the performance ones instead… just because i want to and i’m just like that. lol also a majority of the performances videos are short, but it’s still something to watch though. i didn’t put this in the title, but i also included the videos of Yunsung’s covering Jung Seunghwan’s The Fool, Hyunkyung’s covering Kwak Jineon’s Support, and Kyle’s covering Ozaki Yutaka’s I Love You. i’m just glad to know they have fans in Japan and you can hear some of them screaming really loudly. hehe so good to know!! ahhh… jealous still. XD hopefully one day ROMEO will come out to the US and have a tour or a performance or something. would definitely go and attend that for sure!! or better yet, i find a way to Seoul when they’re promoting and i can see them then. haha one way or another, hopefully one day!!


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