credits: jsfumizuki@YT

so ROMEO has a Japanese version of Nightmare and they performed it for fans during their PROLOGUE of ROMEO and JULIET fanmeeting in Japan. and so lucky!! their Japanese sounds pretty good as they perform it live and it doesn’t sound choppy or weird like most Koreans when they sing in Japanese or a Japanese version of their song. the rap maybe, but it wasn’t that bad. well to me it’s not. lol other than that, lucky J-Juliets who got to hear and see them perform this!! i’m not one for different versions of their Korean songs, but if it can be pulled off then i don’t mind or it doesn’t sound too weird like i’ve heard most Japanese versions of Korean songs. hopefully ROMEO will be popular in Japan as well and hope they do more overseas promotions. also need to find more clips during this fanmeeting as no one really has a full video, just clips here and there, but it’s all of So Into You, so i dunno. lol


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