ROMEO’s WITHOUT U Jacket Behind~

credits: ROMEO – 로미오@YT

basically just footage of their photos for their photobook i believe. i haven’t bought the album yet as i’m waiting for my friend who’s in Seoul to purchase it for me so that she’ll be able to get them sign during their fansign meetings and such. hehe anyways, i feel so bad for them when they have to take photos during the cold!! them fluffy jackets though… can tell how freaking cold it is. lol other than that, they are quite adorable and they look soo good posing for them photos. then there was Kyle who they showed a bit when he slept. poor baby~ but i kept laughing with Seunghwan’s and the clock. XD poor baby~ i would be scared too if it fell on me while posing for the shoot. it did fall and they did capture a moment of his reaction. lol other than that, they look good and i can’t wait to see the photos when i get my albums!!!


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