ROMEO’s 니가 없는데 [WITHOUT U] dance practice~

credits: ROMEO – 로미오@YT

and now it leads to their current promo song, Without U!! also their first dance practice at HUNUS, and honestly i really just miss CT Ent’s red room practice for the boys. not sure why, but i guess it’s the fact that they always had it there and just grown used to it. now just have to grow use to HUNUS’ dance practice room. also hope to see the boys interact with TOPP DOGG as they are now labelmates i believe. other than that, really hope ROMEO doesn’t disband though due to the merge and what not. and that they continue to steadily rise in popularity and become more expose to the K-fans and such. other than that, Without U would be my 2nd favorite dance and song after Nightmare. lol


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