[170318] ROMEO’s WITHOUT U @ Music Core~

credits: MBCkpop@YT

yes! another major music show stage performance!! and you can actually hear the boys’ vocals better as well. plus them fanchants and screams!! happy to know that Music Core didn’t block off the fans’ chants and screams here. so i’m happy to know that. but anyways, i’m just really disliking the fact that many people think ROMEO is a newly debuted group within the comments section… sigh… hopefully people will realize that the group debuted in 2015 and although in a sense they are still consider a “rookie” group because of their status, but still though, hopefully the group gets more recognition from the Korean fans and with the exposure that should help as i believe they have a small following with international fans already, but hope that will continue to grow, too. well, i know they do with me. haha now that they gave me a reason to update my blog a little more this year as i have been really lagging with this after a few years. XD well, that’s my update for today!! or as of right now. XD

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