You’re a maze, I can’t push you away. You’re a maze, there’s no answer. Maze. Maze. Maze. You’re in my fantasy. Here and there, I look, but I endlessly go around the maze.

credits: ROMEO – 로미오@YT

i tagged SHINee because Minho is featured in the music video. =] anyways, it’s another good song and dance routine as well. the music video is kind of confusing as i’m not sure what’s Minho’s role is, but i guess it fits the concept of MIRO which is the Korean word for “maze”, but i do like the fact with them finding glass puzzle pieces of sorts or whatever they are. the boys also look good, too, and i honestly wanna play a life size game of chess. i also included the dance version music video in here as well as this promo song is the only one that has a dance version~


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