Put your hands in the air… if you love me tonight~

credits: ROMEO – 로미오@YT

so ROMEO is back!! and although i haven’t posted about them, but i’ve been into them since their debut, i just finally decided to post and share as i realize… these boys are super underrated as well and not as popular, too. but then again, a steady rise in popularity i don’t mind, and i’m glad that they’re still around despite being merged/bought out to HUNUS Entertainment now as they were originally under CT Entertainment with partnership with Pony Canyon or something like that. plus their fanclub is called Juliet, which is cute and fitting to their group name. haha anyways, i believe this song is really good and i’m digging it, especially with the choreo they have as well. also the whole mini-album is actually pretty good and i like all of them and for me that’s pretty hard because most songs of an album aren’t that interesting compare to the tittle song… but anyways i hope that they continued to stick around and not fade away either.


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