FANCHAT for 로미오(ROMEO)_니가 없는데(Without U)_응원법

credits: ROMEO – 로미오@YT

this will be my last update for now. although there isn’t any english translations, it’s easy to follow along as the boys chant the fanchant for the song. it’s actually adorable and cute. i honestly miss these kind of fanchants as fans chant more often when the group performs the song. as nowadays, most of the fanchants are just simple chants here and there and then the name of the members near the end or something like that. but maybe that’s just me. but i do like the chant and still trying to pronounce “니가 없는데“. i always get tongue tied saying it. hahaha but other than that, it’s easy enough to listen and sing along and i always enjoy seeing the members themselves act like their own fans and such. also, this is how i found out they were under HUNUS Entertainment by watching this video, too.


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