still here…

hey guys. i’m still here, just like before, just not as active. some recent events have come up late last year and it has taken a toll on me and my family. so i’m not really doing anything or into anything like i was before. also blogging and sharing isn’t a priority to me anymore with no time to enjoy and just share it. there’s a lot of things that i have listened to and watch, but just not in the mood to share and what not. sorry, but shall see as time goes on as there is still a lot of 2017 left and it’s only the beginning.

the only thing i can mention is that i did attend GOT7’s fanmeeting for Turbulence in LA though. i’ll share videos and pictures if i get around to uploading it. i only did the performances. sorry. no games or fan interaction along with their speeches either. sorry. i only got Youngjae singing his favorite artist’s Elliot Yamin’s song ‘Wait For You’ to which was totally a great surprise and experience as Elliot Yamin himself attended the fanmeeting for the boys. it was truly amazing!! =]

but yeah, that’s about it. nothing else within my life and to share as of now. haha but hopefully doing this or maybe getting around to it will lift up my spirits in doing so. ^^


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