MADTOWN’s Jota & model Kim Jinkyung on WGM!!

credits: @YT

really hope someone subs this. lol but there is one that has ENG subs, but that is paired up with Eric and Solar, so yeah, just wanna share Jota x Jinkyung instead. 😀

anyways, there should be more before they actually meet, and i don’t know why they didn’t upload that, but you can find the full one somewhere for sure. anyways, i like the couple so far and was surprised that Jota would be participating in something like this… but haha he is just mad adorable!! and i’ve never heard of Jinkyung before, but she seems like an awesome girl so far and i’m actually liking the duo’s awkward first chemistry, but getting along and such through teh initial shy and awkward stages.

like…. they don’t seem awkward awkward where it’s uncomfortable and weird. this awkward is like… two crushes finally talking to one another after admiring one another. bwhahaha and the funny thing is that Jota knows who she is while she has heard of him once or twice, but doesn’t really know him, so i think that’s kinda interesting and wonder how it will go. so far they seem like an energetic and cute couple. and cute in the sense like the shy, awkwardness, bubbly, nervous, kinda cute. lol so can’t wait for more!! =] and hopefully other people will give this couple a chance as well!! ^^


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