Don’t tell me that you still miss me. Don’t keep repeating that you love me when it’s not true.

credits: welovekamikaze@YT

hmmm, i actually thought i shared his debut video… but will do that later. gonna do his second single!! anyways, Part is another newbie under Kamikaze along with Marc and Third and VRP and yeah. so i learned all the new boys, not the girls, as none of them have really released anything and still getting over the fact that the original KZ kids are gone as well and under the main label or have moved on. anyways, this is for PART and honestly, i really like this new song of his and am totally waiting for the music video and maybe a live if they ever get around to it. the girl that is featured on the track is another Kamikaze kid, Cnan. i have no idea how to pronounce her name though. lol her vocals aren’t bad, but wonder when they’ll do something for the girls as all the KZ boys have released something. anyways, this is the lyrics!! can’t really translate for you since i’m not that fluent, but i know it’s like a break up song or well the parts i do know is “don’t say that you still miss me” “don’t repeat that you love me when it’s not true” so yeah, that should help with what kind of song it is. lol


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