BgA’s Dong Saya Dae dance rehearsals and making of it~

credits: More Wong Fu@YT

i’m glad they’re all having fun and i love seeing the behind the scenes where you see everyone who is involved help make this happen. and then they talk about some of the things and such as well. i can’t believe i forgot that that one dance they do where they are slightly bent and rock their arms from left to right is David’s dance he did back in the day. i think it was during Dance to This Song with Kevjumba and Phil. lol will post that later. anyways, good job to them for learning the dance in such a short time and making this happen in such a short time as well. and then you can also see Wes working on the logo for BgA as well. very nice. great job to everybody that made BgA happen~ =]


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