Under the Moonlight… Under the Twilight.

video credits:CJENMMUSIC Official@YT

i found my comment on the video 5 months ago. XD “i honestly like it a lot. reminds me a lot of the past sounds of kpop. other than that… is there a seventh member? or what… because i saw the bit of english in the book and then at the end and that missing piece… yeah. lol hope to memorize them soon though that’s for sure!! and a live would be love. lol

anyways, yes this was my jam for a while as i really liked the beat and the song was catchy. wasn’t sure why netizens were hating, but i think it had to do with the “concept” as many thought they were copying “vixx” but whatever. i enjoyed it. lol and was totally curious about the 7th member and what not because like i wrote back then, the missing puzzle piece of a medallion? and then another person in the coffin with the missing piece. lol so yeah can’t wait for their new song to reveal it and and…. hope more love comes their way. also i wouldn’t mind if they come to KCON LA’16. 😀 because i’m not fond of the lineup they have for LA, but NY looks wayyyyy more appealing to me. but yeah~ VAV fighting!!


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