Forever… we are young~

credits: ibighit@YT

it’s been a while since i last posted about them on the blog, but i have been more or less keeping up to date with them. lol anyways, this song is very touching and heartfelt. the lyrics makes total sense, and i like that it’s from their point of view of how they view the fans and their career. like… this doesn’t last forever and even if we do tell ourselves such things, we don’t always know what will happen and so just enjoy the moment of it all. and wanting to be “young forever” is everyone’s wish to never grow up and to almost remain with the things that mean a lot to us. but i dunno, that’s what i think and what i get from the lyrics. and honestly i hope they will be able to perform this live as i’m curious as to how it will sound like and what not. also, keep on loving the boys and forever support them despite whatever may happen in the future and be the ARMY that you can be.


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