[FANCAM] Follow The Movement: AOMG in LA’16

hehe so THIS WAS FCKN AMAZING!!! and i’m glad i went with my sis because we had a awesome time and just was so…. legit. lol i’ve never been a really big fan of hiphop and rap, but i did listen to it while growing up due to my bros and appreciate the older rap and hiphop scene… but then listening to AOMG, it actually brought back those feels, but then maybe again it’s because i don’t understand Korean and it just sounded better, but i can tell you that i really like the beats and i was grooving and jamming out to every song because of that. haha

anyways, these fancams of mine are all like 11seconds and lower because i saved them all from my snapchat so that a friend of mine who couldn’t attend could watch it. so yeah and oh another thing, on my phone they were all in order, but when i transferred them to my computer they all became mixed up. so yeah sorry if they aren’t in any order, but watch it if you like, if not, that’s okay. just thought i would share. also, there is one video where Jay does come out to the pit area and partied it up with the crowd, but mang are the fans crazy as they rushed up and i almost collided with Jay. before when he was just walking around, no one approached him, weird. but then when he goes “jump” all the fans rush to wanna touch and party with him. like i didn’t get it. lol maybe i’m just a reserve fangirl. XD

anyways…. have fun!! oh one more thing, CHA CHA MALONE was there the entire time, but back stage and then comes out later on near the end and some other dude i have no idea who he is, so yeah. 😀 and and the hi-touch event was fun as well, as we were literally just a few cm away from them and there was no barrier between us. we could have either done a HANDSHAKE, FIST BUMP, or  HI-FIVE. i opted for the FIST BUMP because when do you ever get a chance to fist bump a celebrity? also i felt that it was easier than a handshake but then because of that, it left confusion on both of our end as the majority of people did handshakes before me and so the boys assumed all the girls would do it, but i’m not a normal girl and so i ended up being that weird chick. lol but yeah, still it was a great experience and i felt like an idiot for making them do random hand motions to figure out if it should be a handshake or a fist bump. XD other than that, a fucking amazing night!!


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