Are you absolutely sure you wanna walk away?

YT credits @1theK (원더케이)

OMFG YES!! he finally…. debuted? released his first official stuff? not sure how ot word it as honeslty i haven’t really followed him after a long time, but i have been waiting for him to release something of his own and it took a long while, but at least it’s here and i love it! can’t wait to order this though. haha anyways, i’ve first learned of him when he and the late Rise of LADIES’ CODE were on WGM in the earlier seasons and they had this special collab on MBC Gayo and i thought they were quite cute and i’ve been a fan as i try to find eng subs to their cuts, but since they weren’t popular and such no one really did it and i gave up. lol but anyways, now that a few years have passed, it may be up and i’ll go back to check. but anyways, back to this, i really like his mini album so far called It’s Skinship. i believe and this song W.D.I.A.G.W (where did it all go wrong) is quite good. and curious if he helped with producing the song and the rest off of the album. the mv is also adorable and i’m glad to see that has grown since then facial wise as he looks manly than before. XD anyways, he’s cute as he’s doing a jacket shoot? for the album, not sure, but still love it!! so i hope he gets to perform on the live stages and if not… hope he stays active and he doesn’t disappear and what not. but yeah, check him out!! =]


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