concerts galore for 2016!! (so far)

omg…. next month… APRIL is gonna be big with concert dates! lol so i’ll be seeing DAY6 on the 13th, AOMG crew (DJ Pumpkin, Jay Park, LOCO, GRAY, and Simon Dominic) on the 14th, and then B.A.P on the 17th. all in the Los Angeles area. honestly, i thought it was just gonna be DAY6… but then all these announcements were released and my sister wanting to see majority of them, decided to go ahead with it. haha… sadly, i wanna see TEEN TOP, too, but theirs is just a few days before DAY6… and yeah… but they may be a possibility, but tryna figure it out for it though. ;/

alright, in JULY! GOT7 is having a concert, and my sis wants to go for Dallas and Los Angeles which are in the first week of July. both dates, i forget why she wants to do Dallas besides use our plane air fare thingy, but something about the perks of the first day concert.. but i dunno. anyways, after that… later in the month of the 29th through the 31st is KCON!! someone mentioned these are the set dates for the Los Angeles one, as i don’t remember the other one i just know it’s like a week beforehand.

but gahlee!! it’s still early for 2016, and i feel swamp already. ima be a broke ass fangirl for like mang. XD but i’m  curious who will show up later on and heard about iKON, VIXX… and someone else… but i dunno. i honestly want to go to INFINITE, but sadly they had one early in the year, but that was around the new year, and you know with christmas… gots no money and time. T^T but yeah, 2016 is bound to be like the most K-Artists vising the US for concerts and what not than previous years.

but oh yeah! KMF! i forgot about that! F.T. Island has been announced to attend and i so wanna go and see them and tix have been on sale already, but i dunno, this is like right after APRIL and two months before JULY. ugh…. priorities and money and gahlee…. i’m so temped to just go to all but i need to work to make that happen. haha… but anways, how about all of you? any of you going to any of these concerts?


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