Questions & Answers… I want you, baby. I need you.

video credits: SEVENTEEN@YT

i honestly thought i shared SEVENTEEN… but i guess i didn’t. oh well, still sharing whatever then. late than never. hahaha but anyways, feel in love with these pretty much when Mansae came out… although i did know of them back in 2012 and was totally waiting for their debut with NU’EST and such, but waiting sucks and i’m searching Korean skills and reading Hangul wasn’t as good as it is now, so yeah. lol as much as i wanna say i was a fan back then, can’t since i kinda didn’t follow them as much. but i don’t think that really matters as long as you’re a fan, then that’s enough. but anyways, i was surprise that they did a collab with Ailee, and my sis mentioned it was this instead of her treating them to meat or something. XD because they helped her on stage to accept her award when she won or something. anyways, it only has Woozi, Vernon, and S.Coups. wish the other members were here, but i think it might be a little overwhelming with thirteen guys. XD other than that, wished Ailee was in the music video, and wished they promoted the track for live stages, but oh well. a music video is still good enough with the three boys here being super cuties. lol


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