Phab Fung Jai (ພາບຝັງໃຈ)

video credits: Indee Laos@YT

so Lao music!! seriously way behind on this. D; the site that i subbed too hasn’t udpated in a long while so i’ve been out of tune with it. sadly. D; but working my way on keeping up with it. also i don’t know how to read the Lao script, so it’s hard and no translations except my parents. not fluent, so i can’t really translate as i’m not sure how to read “phab” as the romanization varies so i don’t know. i just know that “fung jai” means “listens to your heart” will fix this later when i ask my mother. hahaha and i believe Zuzaa is a new singer from Indee Records. i just wish it was easier to follow, but Lao music is still developing and finding its roots and especially marketing to outside of Laos so yeah. hope they keep going strong and one day i’ll be able to read and become fluent!! 😀


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