3rd Warning. เตือนแล้วนะ (Love Warning)

video credits: welovekamikaze@YT

totally trying to play catch up with all the music videos, performances, and artists that i’ve been getting into as well as trying to keep up with. i forget about this blog, and with the whole new setup with the layout lately… not really fond of it and find it a little more annoying to mess with. i prefer the older one. anyways, so KAMIKAZE pretty much moved all their previous artists into the other label within RS, and ended up getting more newbies within KZ. so the one i’m sharing is Third. he is such a cutie! this is his latest song, and my sister had to show me because she loves these kind of drama story setting stuff. bwhahaha, but mang, he has grown up since his debut! will share that later and such. xD but yeah, he’s grown up since then and really loving this song a lot. and i do admit, i love these story plots a lot too. XD and the main girl in here is pretty cute. i don’t think she’s a KZ kid, but a new actress or something. hopefully she’ll debut. haha



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