Kaji Hitomi’s この夜を止めてよ (Stop This Night) cover!

video credits: かぢチャン@YT

i thought i posted JUJU’s, but i think i never got around to it. D; anyways, this song has become a favorite of mine from JUJU, but i think i was because of the drama it was featured in and i loved it instantly when it played. the drama all i remember is called GUILTY something something. wow… i’m horrible. anyways, Hitomi’s version isn’t that bad and reminds me a lot of JUJU’s and i’m just happy to have a video where i can share the song. i think that’s what the problem was. i was unable to find a video at the time it was released as it always got deleted. T^T anyways, glad to have Hitomi’s version for all of you to hear and share!! also GUILTY is an amazing drama too!! sad, but really suspenseful. 😀


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