GOT7 “니가 하면(If You Do)” Dance Practice

video credits: jypentertainment@YT

ahh… so my sis tells me that the boys have given the fans a goal watching to do to reveal multiple dance practices versions. lol i’m sure the fans will be determined to have that so i will wait and try to do my part, although i won’t be crazy to watch it every day and time and such. but good luck Ahgase!!! =] anyways, i mainly wanted to watch this to see how Youngjae would do since he’s not really a dancer… in some sense since i feel like he may have the most difficulties in picking up on the moves. but he’s good (and so are the others) but that foot work though. love it a lot. i honestly laugh every time Mark’s part comes up and he has to do that arm on the hip/rib sassy like move. i dunno why, but it just seems… awkward. no matter how good looking Mark may be and how he works it… it’s still awkward to me. lol sorry Mark!


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