Every day, every night, feel like a fool, you gotta know.

video credits: jypentertainment@YT

alright, as much as i would love seeing the boys promote a lot… i thought it was pretty fast for them to have another comeback. but it’s a comeback that got them their first win and Junior used his instagram. 😀 anyways, i will admit, i really like this song as it had to grow on me and i had to really hear the song because the teaser and the highlight medley did not work for me at all. i was not feeling the songs or the teaser at all. but the music video came out nicely and i like it. and another thing i will admit was that i really felt a 2PM presence with this whole thing… i dunno why, but i just did, but luckily GOt7 made it work for them and after that i did not see the 2PM resemblance after watching it fully and hearing the whole song. so i dunno. lol adding Lily M as her vocals are featured on the track though. lol but yeah, choreo is on point with that foot work. really set the whole choreo for me honestly.


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