Congratulations! You’re unbelievable!

video credits: jypentertainment@YT

yeha, i’m late, but whatever. posting is like mad lag lately tho. lol anyways, so DAY6 finally debuted, so happy for them, also learning tidbits of them, but don’t really have time to watch their appearances on radios and buskings and what not. other than that, they seem to have gain a lot of fans, and i really hope a fanclub is released. i honestly want to be called a DAYLIGHT though! lol but um yeah, glad that Brian aka Young K has debuted! i’m happy about the other members to, but because i knew of Brian before debut, it holds a little more special meaning to me. haha he’s a default forever bias, but i think Sungjin and Jae have gotten my heart… Jae with his oh so #KingOfHashtags mode. lol and Sungjin just being Sungjin. lol anyways, the song i really liked upon the teaser and the music video is nicely done. also love that fact that all of them sing/rap except the drummer, maknae Dowoon, but hopefully get to hear him sing/rap in the future. other than that, their debut mini-album THE DAY! is amazing. Colors is my favorite off of the album, but every other songs are just as good. really rooting for them and hopefully they’ll get that opportunity to perform on the music show stages in the future too!! =] suport the boys alright@!@


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