Baby, you are, you are Just Right!

video credits: jypentertainment@YT

i ain’t gonna lie, when the boys came back with this track for the summer, it kind of threw me off, but it’s whatever. the song is really addicting and the music video… well it was entertaining to watch. kind of reminded me of N’SYNC’s It’s Gonna Be Me for some reason. lol but other than that, i really like the choreo for this and it’s addictive and the lyrics surely get stuck in your head for sure. i was just disappointed that Yugyeom didn’t really have any lines though. but it’s whatever i guess since it was how it was done. lol other than that, i laughed so hard at Mark’s Puff Puff Pass shirt and wondered why it was given to him since i’m sure he understood the message, but then again, it’s whatever since it’s fashion right? other than that, i jsut wanted it for my own even though i don’t do the whole puff puff pass thing anyways. lol it was good seeing it live though that’s for sure at KCON’15, but sad that Jackson was unable to join them. D;


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