I wanna make love with you. It means I wanna S-E-X…

credits: Sugabeerecords@YT

ahh going down memory lane, found this song again and can finally recognize the characters to know who sang it. lol so yeah… discovered this back when it came out, thought it was a chill song, and stil lthink so. lol just never really paid attention to the beginning when they mentioned making love and spelling out sex. hahaha ahh, so glad that the Jmusic is so very diverse… i just need to learn how to read the characters more often and actually stay up to date with them. anyways, Hiromi and Hinouchi Emi are pretty cute in here and although the mv is really simple, the song itself is pretty catchy… just need to find out what it’s saying is all. hahaha


ahhh so i did already post it… but whatever. doesn’t hurt to post it again and now that i did, can re-read the english translations of it as well. bwhahaha


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