I’ll be loving you ’til the world is gone.


honestly… it’s sad to find out about one of your favorite music artist is putting their career on hold and go do their own thing. i honestly don’t mind… but it’s just sad to know that it has come to this and i really hope it goes better for them. Aziatix had a good run, since the start of their career and even to now… i still love them. i honestly thought with them signing to Cash Money, it would be great exposure… but with absolutely nothing for a whole year… it was… honestly, nothing worth it. so i was happy they signed away from them… but then when this song came out… and learning of the news… it was a bittersweet outcome actually. like, i may not be a major Aziaddict, but still i’m one, and will always be one. i wish them all the best of luck in their new endeavors and hope that they do what they wanna do and be happy in the end. i will honestly be proud to say that i was able to enjoy their performances and songs live TWICE! saw them in person with their fansigning and being able to interact with them even for just a few short seconds. still won’t deter my love away from them or their music, but it will leave a bitter piece within me because they won’t be AZIATIX anymore… but whatever, it’s life, and now it’s a new chapter in their life and so let it be has this chapter now comes to and end. no matter what, they will always be AZIATIX and that won’t change that fact, just the outcome of how they do their things from now on. lol not sure if any of this makes sense, but a mini rant needs to be released. lol but GOOD LUCK to you Eddie, Flowsik, Nicky, and Jae Chong in your future endeavors! hopefully one day, that HOLD will be on PLAYBACK again whenever it may happen (or maybe never at all, at least the music and music video and clips will always be floating around to play back memories of the past). good luck and take care!! All Day, Every Day, Ganji Fire! AZIADDCIT Forever… get your A Game on! =]


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