kcon 2015 in LA, highlight concert with BTS, possible ONE OK ROCK concert…

so… KCON’15 in LA is still going on. lol just hope this time around it’s a lot better, the only concern is that it’s inside. sure it’s a lot better and out of the sun… but all of that body heat and the actual crowdedness of bodies and what not. so wonder how that will go. honestly, really only excited for SHINHWA, SuJu, BlockB, and GOT7… is that a terrible thing? lol kind of wish to see Ten Top and VIXX again in NY though… my sister wanted to do that one too. XD but dunno if we’ll have the money for it. lol but anyways, the lineup for KCON’15 seems okay, but kind of sad i’m really only looking forward to four artists of the two night and lineup and such. oh well.

there’s this highlight thing going on that BTS is doing as well in Houston in September. my sister bought the shirts for the event, and so that means we’re going. lol but i’m curious as how this will work out because of that one stupid threat that some ignorant person had to do and ruin it for a lot of the other fans. regardless fake or not, it’s still a threat. sigh.

and finally… a possible future ROCK CONCERT!! i’m still debating on how to do this as it’s where i live… but never gone to one. plus not sure what others are going to be there and don’t want to feel like and idiot and what not. my sis is down to go, but she’s not much of a fan to J-ROCK… or rock in general. lol but i hope this one works out, just need to buy tickets and such. sigh. so much stuff mang!

and a post for July! i’ve been… occupy. lol dunno when i’ll be back again.. sorry wordpress. not as fun as you used to be. ^^”


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