Everything Before Us.

you can catch the trailer at the website!! i think it’s a really good movie so far and i haven’t watched it yet.  but luckily i bought a perk that i will be able to watch it soon! so i can’t wait. 😀 but i really want my physical release. hahaha. anyways, support the boys, the cast, and all that has been done so far and how much they have done so far and what not. anyways, please do check it out!! =]

here’s a summary of the story

In the near future, all romantic relationships are overseen by the D.E.I. — The Department Of Emotional Integrity. Much like a credit score is given to represent financial responsibility, a ‘relationship score’ is given to keep people accountable for their romantic activity and choices. The score is public for all to see and affects various aspects of daily life.

Ben and Sara, a former couple in their early 30s, must meet again to settle a conflicting score and reconcile the reasons their relationship fell apart.
Seth and Haley decide to enter their first registered relationship together after just graduating high school. With bright eyes, innocent hearts, and a naive view of what love could be, they face a long distance relationship for the first time.
The two couples face different but intersecting challenges in love amidst the DEI rules.

The first feature film from Wong Fu Productions. The film stars Aaron Yoo (“Disturbia”), Ki Hong Lee (“The Maze Runner”), Randall Park (“Fresh off the Boat”), Brandon Soo Hoo (“From Dusk Til Dawn”), Brittany Ishibashi (“Political Animals”) and Victoria Park (“Ravens Touch”)


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