Just Might Die MV

video credits: LOENENT@YT

honestly, i thought i posted about them, but i guess i didn’t. anyways, so i heard from a friend that the boys may disband if sales or whatever doesn’t start happening for them and i do not want them to disband! LOEN don’t disband the boys!! they are a pretty good group, and are equally talented as other groups out there, but i guess they just don’t appeal to certain people. but just give them a listen! support them! spread the love around so that their fans, STORIA, can still have them around and what not. i hate seeing groups and artists disappear from the music industry, to either re-debut, or just fade away altogether. so if you can, just help them out. watch the music. listen to the songs! support them. just spread it around. anything helps, and just like you and me who wanna support artists out there, i’m doing it for them as it is their dream. i’m doing it as a fan as i enjoy listening to all types of people and music. i’m doing it for music. =] because music is definitely universal and the language barrier is not even a problem and what not. so please, help out HISTORY so that they won’t be history. thanks!!


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