Jane Zhang Announces World Tour With a Bang

so Jane’s having a world concert!! but not sure if other dates are available as this is the first time i’ve come across and haven’t done any research as of yet! lol but i will later~ 😀


Jane Zhang mysteriously dropped out of the ‘I Am A Singer’ competition right before the semi-finals, and the reason for it was unveiled on Jane’s Weibo yesterday.

记得上一次巡演我说过:“我也要做你们心里最棒的。”这依然是我努力的方向!#张靓颖bangtheworld#正式开启[hold住]十年,感谢最棒的你们一直“伴着我”!@张靓颖BANGtheWorld演唱会 记得上一次巡演我说过:“我也要做你们心里最棒的。”这依然是我努力的方向!#张靓颖bangtheworld#正式开启[hold住]十年,感谢最棒的你们一直“伴着我”!@张靓颖BANGtheWorld演唱会Remember the last time on world tour, I said “I also want to be the best in your hearts.”This is the direction of my hard work! #janezhangbangtheworld# officiallytooktenyears, thank you to all of you guys for always being by my side. @janezhangBANGtheWorldconcert

Jane announced the kickoff of her 2015 world tour ‘Bang The World” yesterday, releasing two very eye catching promotional posters by Chen Man.sol

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