G.E.M Announces North America Tour At The House of Blues In Hollywood

OMFG, YES! Let me go!! G.E.M is one of the first HK singer i’ve listened to and gotten into… without the whole finding out they are an actor first kind of deal. XD anyways, i wanna go, but i need to do more research for sure though!!



Despite all the backlash and criticisms swirling around her these days, G.E.M has not let that stop her in expanding her singing career into North America. Recently, G.E.M performed a mini show at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California and had a brief Q&A session with fans who sent in tweets. Before the performance, a snippet of the documentary being made about G.E.M was shown, and she later says that it will be released further in the year, so stay tuned for that!

Besides singing a few songs and casually chatting with the MC, G.E.M announces her step into the western market- by bringing her X.X.X Live tour to North America! The released dates are:

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