[fancam/fanaccount] 150506 GOT7’s First Fanmeet in San Francisco, CA, USA ~

alright, so these are my fancams… yeah {^ like i didn’t mention up there. XD} yes they are LQ because my phone is hella old school and my battery life drains hella fast, and is why it turned out like so, but hey at least it’s something and not nothing! anyways, just compiling it for a friend so it’s easier to access all in one go and what not, and realized i should have done it like this instead of linking her all the links individually that she’ll eventually have to open up one by one. XD anyways…. on with the fanmeet!

the boys were amazing and made up for the whole thing!! the venue wasn’t so bad actually, and pretty good. it was just the whole organization and planning and the staffs itself that made it really pathetic, irritating, and tiresome! like… so much miscommunication and the perks weren’t really treated fairly and the likes. just… chaos… but when we all got to see the boys and they put on a great show… it really made everything worth it and such a highlight! the boys were so energetic, happy, and just plain fun and dorky! i just felt bad because although they were genuinely happy and what not, their eyes just had tiredness within them, despite them putting up a smile to not worry us fans and what not.

my sister and i bought vip tickets and ended up with the hi-touch opportunity, which to me, i find is a lot better, because i’m not really a picture person with other people. lol other than that, the boys’ hands were really soft!! and they definitely make eye contact with each person, but it went by too fast because the staff were really rushing us because of time constraint… but i honestly think they just didn’t want to stay until midnight, but if everything was more organized it wouldn’t have been like so. but complaining aside, it was still a great night and i enjoyed myself!!

i was able to say thank you to the boys in four diffferent languages, but i messed up on the cantonese phrase for “thank you” by saying “mm goi sa” instead of “mm goi sai”, but i don’t know if Jackson noticed or not. XD he was giving off that “gangsta” face. XD lol but i just know that Jr.’s eyes seemed impressed when i said “gomapseumnida” and Yugyeom was touched as he said “thank you” in English right after, but i didn’t get to say anything else but my “thank yous” because of being rushed and didn’t want to make scenes and being selfish and what not. lol but Bam Bam was thankful when i said “korp koon ka” and he was just adorbs. XD other than that, no one really said anything, and it was more silent but with smiles and the likes.

this is just a summary of my experience and of course it could be said from others, i just wanted to express what i went through and how i felt and my moments with the boys and seeing them. their English was quite cute, and although 3 of them understand it, the other 4 did their best and tried. you can see it in the videos if you like or watch better ones or watch the Chicago ones and the Dallas one after it happens. haha. but other than that, the boys are super fun, adorkable, and just plain down to earth, but i’m sure they were tired and just wanted to sleep, but being a celebrity they just had to forge through and go on with the show.

anyways, i loved Jackson and his “magical chair” complaints. XD Mark had a minor incident, but it was recovered well and he didn’t injure himself. you can see it in the last video during their encore during the A remix performance. he staggers after landing a twist turn flip thingy, but he fortunately backs into a member that prevents him from actual injury… not sure if this is just an exaggeration on my part, but still, it was a close call. i do have to admit, i wish i got a video of them during the “guess which member did that noise” part where the fans had to guess which member did a sound and the likes. the boys were such dorks! and i was exposed to more of their talents and fun side!! lol but yeah… overall, great music, songs, and a wonderful performance from them and a really successful US fanmeet! i’m glad i was able to attend and hope they have more in the future and wish them the best of luck on their journey!!

so… i see this got hella long and ima end it right here and just let you all enjoy and the likes!! i will say this, in complaining because i can and just gonna get it out of my system: i didn’t get my hour early entry while being a jazzy group membership thingy and being a vip! everyone entered all at once! also had to wait even longer to get a wristband that would give me the hi-touch opp! got confused on where to line up to even get the opp after the performance was over! didn’t get my poster perk when i got my water bottle perk as they said they were out, until after the hi-touch event got going. asking staff and seeing the staff being confused on what was happening and being all frustrated and some even expressed against the fans like it was the fans fault this happened! like… no. it’s your job, and communication should have been the key factor to make sure things went well, or at least in a calm manner. so yeah… that’s the complaint part about this whole fanmeet in SF ordeal.

the plus side: GOT7 is amazing and i would love to see them again!! they did well, had fun, being dorks, doing fanservice, showing off their English skills and just… well doing a great job at just what they wanted and needed to do as performers and hopefully as human as possible. i just hope that other fans and people realize they are just people like us, just with a more demanding job and life that has a camera and paparazzi in their face all day, every day… or so it seems. anyways, forever an IGOT7!! =] OH AND ONE ANOTHER THING: the boys look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in person!! and sure Jackson may have a height complex, but to me, it’s not a problem. but then again, i’m like 10cms shorter… give or take a cm or two. lol but yeah… wayyy better in person and pretty good height compare to me. hahaha


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