Fight back, gotta fight back.

FIGHT BACK audio snippet

I still love you AUDIO snippet

video credits: universalmusicjapan@youtube

i’m sooo behind on my Da-iCE’s updates! OTL anyways, i’ve learned the names of the members and can recognize who is who and all that jazz. 😀 anyways, this will be their first album!! yay!! the album is amazing!! i bought all three versions. yes i know, don’t know Japanese, but whatever international a-i right here!! hehe. i don’t think they released a video for this, but i do know they have been doing lotsa performances for sure though!! lots of live tour phases! 😀 wish i could watch them live mang! they sound amazing live from what i see on my computer screen. XD also, I still love you is another wonderful track from the boys as well!! =]


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