We’re in this for life.

The Light mv

video credits: Official+TheArk@youtube

so i recently got into a new KPOP girl group, and this is the kind of girl group i’ve been waiting for for so long to do strong dances and just give off a unique flair and what not. i really hope they stick to themselves and doesn’t change them to do girly dances and change up concepts just to be mainstream. i don’t mind them exploring, but i still do hope they keep to their own self and what not. anyways, really hoping to see more of the girls later on and hope they don’t fade away amongst all the other artistes and the likes.

from the comments and video, i see that it’s a single mother raising her daughter and then losing her later on but continuing on with life. the song itself is good because it’s not a love between a lover or a breakup, but a life love kind of thing or maybe just unconditional love overall. the video seems like a dedication to the Sewol Ferry incident as well. either way, it’s a great music video and a great debut song for them. really hope they rise in the kmusic industry and make their own name for themselves.


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