I love you only.

Ruk Tur Khon Diew (One Love) MV


alright, getting on my Thai music grind. 😀 i knew of Nat Sakdatorn because of a friend but never really checked out his songs until my brother asked me to watch the mv because his lady sent the link to him and asked if i knew the guy singing. lol anyways, it’s a really great song and the music video is nicely done too. i’m just surprise about the years though, but it makes sense and that well, he loved her since they were in … middle school/high school, and known each other for that long, and even taking up aviation to be with her and what not. the guy looks like Toni Rakkaen, but i’m not sure, so i need to go check up on that. lol as for the title of this post, i think that’s the translation of the Thai script, but i could be wrong since it can be interpret in another way, but i’ll just stick with that, since ONE LOVE also works for the title itself.


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