concert: one postponed, one canceled, one passed up, and three and a half on the way.

so Eric Nam’s concert is still postponed… yet my sister told me that he’s having a South Korean tour… so i don’t get it. what of the US tour? i have nothing to notify me of that. sigh.

Teen Top’s concert ended up getting canceled just like five days before the actual event. luckily my sister and i didn’t book a hotel or rental car or anything, so it saved us on that. we got refunded for the tickets, and get sent the merch, i just opted for getting a refund on the merch. but i was really sad to know about this, and hope next time it will be successful. sigh.

the Epik High one, my sister and i wanted to go, but we missed out on getting the VVIP tix, so my sister and i just passed and saving up for the others.

so… KMF is still on (mainly for got7 and tvxq lol) and so is the GOT7 fanmeet. BTS is still in question, but it’s a few days before KCON itself, which i find weird that it’s now a THREE day event. i don’t get it really. but my sister and friend have attended the other three, so this is our tradition to attend them all. but still… i really hope the latter will go through and it’s a lot of fun. more weary concerning KCON since the price could be expensive and more lame security and spending money like no other. but usually the CONCERT itself makes up for it and i like it since it always makes up for the bullshiet that happens throughout the convention itself.


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