what is with the hype for “50 Shades of Grey”? i still don’t get it.

like my title… i still don’t get it. i’ve read… not completely the book. i’ve only read the first chapter, and that was still hard to read through. i skimmed that book, and still felt like i didn’t really miss anything. my friends and co-workers all think i’m just being biased and that i don’t “understand” the book and only making an assumption that i hate it because i don’t “understand” it. one of my co-workers even word it like “maybe it’s because you have that accent or whatever and you just understand it differently” or something like that, i really don’t remember. i just remember that i felt offended because she had to bring in my “accent” which i was born and raised in the states, i just have immigrant parents where i “got” the accent from, but then again, my siblings don’t have it and i’m the only one.

anyways… i’ve read many books. many fanfictions. even poetry! yet… i just can’t get into this book nor can i like it. i’m not big on first point reader view, i hate them. the way the story goes about it’s like a fanfiction to me just published officially into an actual book. the word choice, the sentence structuring… there’s just a lot of things that turns me off about it all. at first i just thought it was just a pre-judge thinking of why i hate it and just a lot of word of mouth stuff… but after partially reading it and what not… i still dislike it. i don’t for sure know BDSM… but this book seems like it’s based off of it, yet the main girl just seems… so… dumb compare to the main guy who is all types into this shiet. but then again, this is me, and my opinion. if they like it, they like it. it doesn’t mean i have to join the freaking boat and like it too. i refuse to watch the movie because i really do not want to spend money on a movie where i already disliked the book it is based upon. also an hour or however long it is when i could be doing something else.

i guess this is just a rant and a venting because i still cannot comprehend others liking this shiet when there are many other books to read. honestly, 50 Shades of Grey remind me a lot of Twilight where people got into this shiet and the it was the best shiet ever…. no. just no. i will admit that i did read Twilight and thought it was good until reading the sequels, and it was just not doing it for me. i’ll read vampire and supernatural beings in a different story… never Twilight again. the same with 50 Shades of Grey. i’ll read that kind of plot and themes elsewhere where the content itself is well written. this is me and my rant and my opinion. no one has to agree or disagree with this and start up a fanwar alright. we get enough of those in fcukn music. lol

on a happier note… could anyone recommend any good books that i will actually buy and enjoy? i’ve read these if it helps. lol Harry Potter series, Daughter of the Moon series. books by Lurlene McDaniels, books by Sheryl Woods, books by Christine Feehan, books by Lois Lowry… um A Whisper of Eternity by Amanda Ashley, The Girl Who Invented Romance by Caroline B. Cooney, The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis, and Stranger With My Face by Lois Duncan just to give you a gist of what i read. lol kthxbai!


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