kpop concerts galore for 2015. lol

yeah… back to k-entertainment… sorry guys! lol anyways~

so 2015 so far, my sister and i will be going to like 5 kpop concerts this year. XD

On April 11th will be for Teen Top.

On May 2nd is the Korea Music Festival. (mainly for TVXQ because they are our first love since being into KPOP… so it’s kinda of a have to even though it’s two and not 5. T^T)

Eric Nam’s concert should be sometime in May, just not sure.

July 26 is for BTS’ concert. Just not enough details yet. lol

and then the over highly anticipate KCON!!! lol 2015 will be my sister and i and a friend’s 4 time attending. we’ve been going since 2012. XD so we’re wondering how it will be like this year nad hopefully with less problems and more benefits and what not. hopefully the lineup for the one in JP will be the same since i would love to see many of the artistes going there. anyways, who else are going to any of these, and if there are more, let me know!! lol


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